Jaki Von Der Tiefenquelle

This is Jaki Von Der Tiefenquelle, also known as Yaki. She is a 6 and a half year old German Shepherd born in Germany. She comes from a great line of working dogs. She does IPO/IGP training herself with Simon. She has an extraordinary intelligence and an incredible passion for work. She often trains several hours a day and always asks for more! It is the specialist in high performance food and real "unkillable" toys. She is the tester par excellence for the majority of chewing and sporting goods that you will find in the store.

She accompanies Simon on all his trips and at all times of the day, so you'll have the chance to see her at the store if you come see us! She is very affectionate and loves meeting people so don't hesitate to ask us if you want to meet her. You may even get a demonstration of his skills!


Pure Evolution Duck and Berries and complete Karbur formulas


Oven Baked semi-moist food for training and java wood in between workouts!

Favorite toy:

Anything nylon tug or ball with rope


Hunter is a 2.5 year old Irish Greyhound. He comes from the breeding of Irish Wolfhound of the northern river. The Irish Hound is the largest breed of dog on the planet! It is therefore very impressive to behold, taller than most Great Danes and weighing almost 150 pounds. Despite his stature, he is a very calm dog, preferring his sofa at home rather than walking around all day. He is also very shy and prefers to approach people when he feels comfortable, at his own pace.

Due to hip problems, he is less present at the store, but he is the perfect dog to test everything that is produced for large breeds. You'll see him in several videos and he's Simon's go-to for dogs with sores!


Pure Evolution Chicken and Squash (after having tried 50 kinds of croquettes without good results, he was the one who introduced Simon to the raw, with enormous success) and Green Mussel supplement


Dehydrated liver and all things peanut butter!

Favorite toy:

Big braided ropes


Luna is an English Shepherd crossed with a Standard Poodle. She is the eternal “happy dog”, always happy and full of energy. Often doing as she pleases, she is the most stubborn of Simon's 3 dogs. She has an extremely communicative look and she appreciates everyone. She was the one who introduced Simon to the world of dogs and the shop does not bear her name for nothing. She is a very affectionate dog who never tires of playing with others.

Eternally anxious, she cannot bear to be left to herself and prefers not to be far from her parents. She was able to find a brother in Hunter and they are now inseparable. This is our go-to quality test for all interactive toys and various raw bones.


Pure Evolution Chicken and Beef


Raw Bone and Joint.

Favorite toy:

Interactive toy and speed bumps

Simon Autotte

Simon is the owner of the Hunter and Luna shop After more than 10 years as a personal trainer, a degree in fire safety and experience as a firefighter, he began a career as a corrections officer. However, following his meeting with Luna, he discovered a real passion for the canine world and began a new part of his life as the owner of a dog daycare. Having always had a strong interest in nutrition and customer service, he decided to embark on the adventure of the pet store in 2020. Starting only with an online store, he seized quickly the opportunity to settle in a physical store on the north shore of Montreal

A hard and tireless worker, he takes care of all aspects of the store, from accounting to product management, even going so far as to find suppliers in Germany and Hungary to find the best items possible sports. In constant continuous training, he is the encyclopedia of the boutique's products, which he knows by heart and from every angle. He is therefore the expert to advise you on the choice of food and toys to favor for your dog according to his specific needs. Come and visit him, he will know how to welcome you with his smile and his usual good humor. Do not hesitate to ask him to see his dogs, he always has at least 1 with him!